Blockchain Obituary Basic

Leave memories of your life and legacy as a content website on your own blockchain domain that’s yours, forever. No renewals. We manage everything and bring the site live at the right time, plus inform your list of family, relatives and friends.


* You do not need to buy or hold any cryptocurrency to use this service.

This is for the Blockchain Obituary Basic design package at a one-time flat rate of USD50. This design uses a simple template design for personal information and one profile image. Domain extensions are an additional cost. No domain renewals.

Manage your crypto wallet on your own, or we can manage it at no extra cost.

Some of the features include:

  • Retouch photographs (up to 3)
  • Customize coding and development for website with up to 3 pages
    • Home page
    • About you/ memories
    • Contact
  • Staging of website for edits of up to 2 rounds
  • Purchase and mint custom domain (additional one-time cost depending on the blockchain domain)
  • Manage domain account and metamask wallet for all requests

Please note that blockchain domains can vary in costs (starting from $5), just like regular URLs, the big difference is that blockchain domains are yours to keep forever and there are NO renewal fees.

Please see below for starting prices of extensions* available:


Starts from USD 100


Starts from USD40


Starts from USD40


Starts from USD40


Starts from USD20


Starts from USD20


Starts from USD10


* Final extension cost may vary depending on domain name

Website template images are only placeholders. Templates are fully customisable and new designs are available every week.